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Too sexy...? LOL

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I remember a few years back, when a niece wanted to buy one of those prom dresses. Her mom and I accompanied her to one of the malls here in the city, and believe me, it wasn't half as fun as we hoped it would be! Well, it was a bit fun, but what sucked really was the designs. The prom dresses being offered that time were mostly too sexy for a teenager! Or were we just being a bit of a prude? hehehe. My niece found one that she liked, but we had to decline since it was backless...and imagine her grandfather's words when he sees her in THAT dress! If my sister and I were 'prudes', well...our parents are much much more!

What happened in the end was that she still chose one of the sexy gowns, but we urged her to use an accessory that could help 'cover' her up. Good thing, she agreed. :)

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