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Internet connection seems to be sluggish this evening...or is it just my computer? Tried changing this blog's template twice today...and everything got screwed up! I suddenly found two blog posts of every post I did (yeah, I don't know how that came about) and another "header" on my sidebar! Hahaha, how crazy is that, huh?! Or maybe I need a custom laptop? ;)

I was pressed for time since my two-year old wanted to go up and sleep already, so after removing the double blog posts and the header on the sidebar, we went up. Instead of sleeping, I read. My two-year old slept finally after playing for almost an hour.

Funny thing when he's ready to actually sleep...he first starts 'singing' then suddenly keeps quiet. After checking,  he's usually already in dream land! Hehehe. Kids...♥♥♥

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