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It's no surprise that most people love to the person who invented the karaoke machine has hit the jackpot! I just learned/read that it was a Filipino who patented the machine (but it was called minus-one then...oh, I do remember those days! lol) but a Japanese who actually started it all. Too bad the latter didn't think of having his invention patented first...he could have been one of the richest in the world!

I am not actually a fan of sing-a-long outings (I believe that it's sort of similar to the KTV bars all around)...I think it's noisy, specially if a neighbor loves belting out one of those "...and now, the end is near..." songs late at night. hehehe. It's their thing, and I have nothing against it; I just wish that they'd consider letting their neighbors sleep during Friday nights. ;)

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