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Wishful thinking

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Lately every time we visit one of those electronic shops we almost always go to the television section. Guess it's because our television is now showing signs of giving up. Well, it has been with us for almost twelve years now...yup, an oldie. lol. The only thing wrong with it is the cable connection, though. Our youngest (who is always on the lookout for something to dabble with his hands...) finds the cables interesting, I think. We always tell him that it's not safe, but somehow he never listens (or tries to remember). Now it's all wobbly and the reception is erratic. It stays fine, as long as it isn't moved. I wonder if we need to get one of those vga to hdmi cables? I guess for now, not yet. Once we upgrade to one of those LCD/LED televisions, then we just might....

Wishful thinking, I know. LOL

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