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I must admit: our neighborhood isn't that safe at all! Well, you can walk in relative safety during day and night; what I meant was that your house/car is not that safe during early mornings (like around 3AM). I guess the thieves know that that's the time when most people are really asleep (dead tired), so they take advantage of the situation. I could speak from experience; someone was standing outside our bedroom window and trying to steal either my eyeglasses (I wonder why they wanted that! lol) or my phone. I woke up when my eyeglasses fell and that's when I saw the guy outside. Hubby was downstairs still awake, so I called and told him. He went outside immediately (not a very good idea, since there are usually accomplices) but didn't see the thief (who didn't get my phone, or my eyeglasses, either).

When my parents found out about the incident they insisted we install barbed wires along the vicinity; hubby wants wireless cctv cameras and till now we are still on the lookout for good deals. After the wires were installed, I must say I slept much better. But I slept way way better after we got the air conditioner (since the windows are close now)!

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