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I got a new phone three months ago (yup, it was a Christmas gift, from hubby) and the first thing that really bugged me was it's battery. It seemed to drain real fast and I wasn't sure why; it was the same brand as my former phone (which I had for around four years!) so I was expecting it to last around two-and-a-half days before I had to recharge. Boy, was I wrong! The battery only lasted for a day! Until I found out that I needed to turn off some of the features (like wifi detection and bluetooth) for the battery to last longer ... now it usually stays on for two days before I needed to charge it.

I know, I should have read the reviews (and the manual, lol) before wishing for that phone. Right now, am satisfied with it; yup, I can check on my facebook account (and even play some of the games) even without my computer. Now that's real convenient! :)

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