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Another game ... :P

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paltik:superpoke pet

Well, yup, that is the name of my pet in one of those facebook games, super poke pets. Sometimes when I wake up early in the morning (because I had to give my son a bottle of milk), I also try to check up on Paltik. Not much, though since it's a good thing he doesn't die when I don't feed him for days! lol. I don't think I have dark circles under my eyes, since I can't help but sleep after I feed my son; taking care of a one year old could be draining, specially if you don't have a nanny. That's why I try to make it a point to sleep whenever I can ... too bad it does take time away from the computer, but I think that that's the logical choice. I'll have all the time that I want (to dabble with the computer and take nature shots) when my baby's older. :)

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