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I got my laptop last year when I found the need to have a computer because of my online activities. Not just any computer, but one that is lightweight and mobile enough for me. Well, the one that I bought is not that lightweight (compared to the netbooks being offered for sale these days), but comfortable enough. I was deciding whether to get myself one of those netbooks (it was still quite new at that time), or the 13"-15" sized computers; but since I deal mostly with pictures, I wanted one with a bigger monitor. Still, after buying my computer it just wasn't enough, lol. I mean, I longed for a mouse (which my ten-year old son got me just a couple of weeks back ... so sweet of him!). Next, I wanted buy a new printer because the one that we had was already defective (it wouldn't print in black, could you believe that!). Well, it was almost a decade old, so I guess it was about time we upgraded our printer. We did buy a new one last month, though. It's a good thing that my computer's speakers are already sufficient (the multimedia features helped me with my decision ...) or else I would have longed for a pair, too! LOL

I know, the only thing missing would be a new keyboard, but if you have a laptop (or a netbook) you really won't be needing new one. Would you? :)

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