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Grungy and Vintage

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Yup, am still into the vintage/crumpled/grungy style these days and that's what I did with my shot below. Though of course it has nothing to do with Indian meal moth traps! lol.
grungy dragonfly

I took that shot last year when my nieces spotted the dragonfly above a neighbor's plant. I was doubtful if my zoom could take it, and I guess it was ok. For me, anyway. lol.

Don't know why, but the grungy and vintage look has really got me hooked. Specially now that I have an idea how to achieve the effects. Though of course it is with the help of some of the digiscrapping stuffs that I got from the internet (both bought and free). The pictures are all mine, of course.

Since am still hooked on this look, I guess you should expect more similarly manipulated pictures! ;P

1 shared thoughts:

arielle at: Mon Feb 16, 09:38:00 PM GMT+8 said...

love this photo.. it's like an art sketch..

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