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My family and I plan to go visit my parents this summer, so we are making plans. We will be bringing along the baby (of course! lol), so there are lots of things to consider, like sufficient bags. We actually have our old travel bags hidden away in the closet, but we're not sure if they are still appropriate. I believe that we need more space. :)

I must try to find my watch, too. It has been some time since I wore one, primarily because I usually carry the baby myself, and wearing a watch is inconvenient. Besides, usually hubby wears his watch so there really is no need for me to wear one whenever we go out. But when traveling for long periods, well, that's another matter.

Proper shoes is also something to consider. It has been ages since I last bought a pair of sneakers, am sure it's about time I buy one again! Sneakers will be pretty handy (and good for my feet!) while traveling.

If I start preparing early am sure our trip will be a breeze, even with the baby around. There are still lots to consider, of course. But it feels good to be able to start early! For me, anyway. lol. ;P

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