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Weekly Questions: (#29 & #30)

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weekly questions

WQ #30: What frugal or practical Christmas tips (does your family practice) that you can share to cut down on Christmas-related expenses but not necessarily sacrificing on quality?
One thing would be to give gifts that we made ... like baked goodies. But lately we haven't been doing that since everyone's usually busy during the holidays. So, sometimes we just order the goods instead. Still cheaper compared to buying "branded" ones. :)

WQ #29: What special Christmas memories do you still cherish as the years pass by?
There are lots, but the ones that I remember was the excitement I felt everytime I put my hand inside the socks where some of my Christmas presents will be placed. I never know what to expect ... one time I found some gift-wrapped rocks inside! LOL. Courtesy of my fun loving brother, of course. I wish my son could experience the same thing ... but the hanging of socks is no longer being practiced at home ... primarily because the gifts won't fit there anymore. Except for some candies .. and other knick knacks. But who knows ... maybe this year they'd be at it again! :D

2 shared thoughts:

julie at: Mon Dec 08, 07:55:00 AM GMT+8 said...

I agree about the socks, that gifts these days won't probably fit there. But your son's request would probably fit :D

You have a baby? Oh, that's sweet, first Christmas and all.

We spend Christmas day too with my MIL but she in the province so we would be spending this day at home.

I still have to start baking the goodies and I'm excited :)

Thanks for answering 2 WQ, Maiylah.

Have a great week.

maiylah at: Mon Dec 08, 08:21:00 AM GMT+8 said...

thanks too, T. Julie! :)

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