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My father loves the outdoors and so I was thinking the other day if he got that 5.11 Tactical Knife which I showed him some time ago. I know he'll find it useful, specially when he goes out to visit the farm. He is kind of old-fashioned when it comes to doing stuffs there, so am sure he'll find lots of use for that knife.

Speaking of old fashioned, I remember those past Christmas seasons when things were pretty simple and us kids were really just content with what we'll find in our socks. Sure,we voiced out our wants, but never really thought we'd get them. Some of them were quite impossible, anyway; like a talking doll (finding one in the province was next to impossible! lol) for myself. What we got were mostly stuffs like chocolates and apples (a rare treat during those days), new clothes, and some cash. Our breakfast would be something special and we would eat together. Then attend Holy Mass at the local church together, too. Really nice. But since I was just a kid then I never really thought about it much. All I could think about then was the food and the presents. lol. Oh yeah, I was excited about meeting and greeting my neighbor playmates, too. We would show each other what we got and sometimes share them. Not all the time, though. You can't share your cash of course! :D

These days Christmas here is usually spent at my mother-in-law's place. There are lots of food prepared and the best part (for me) are the kids excitedly opening their gifts. Too bad my son won't be joining us this Christmas since he has decided to go visit my parents instead; where his cousins are also going (they, more or less, are of the same age bracket). He'll be travelling with my sister and niece. So that leaves with just hubby, myself, and our three-month old son spending Christmas at our MIL's place.

What about you? Going somewhere this Christmas Season? :)

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