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I have been wearing eyeglasses since I was eleven years old, and believe me, I have been through quite a few pairs already. My parents helped me choose the frames in the beginning, but after a couple or so of years I had to rely on my own. Of course I am interested in what my eyeglasses would look like, but not really that much. I was really more concerned with how much each frame (the whole eyeglasses, actually) costs. My family and I are not poor, but it always helps to know that you have helped save some money.

Just like in the article written by Gregory Karp (article is here:,0,2050256.story), the price range for eyeglasses these days are astonishing. It's a good thing that there are sites like where you can find affordable eyepieces! I haven't tried them yet, but am sure that one of these days I will! I have read some great reviews about them, and have even visited their site. I like the different types of frames that they are offering, which are affordable.

What about you? Want to be practical and save money (like a lot of people out there, am sure!)? Then do try and check them out yourself! :)

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