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Prescription Eyeglasses

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Our helper has been having problems with her eyes ever since she was young (or so she told us), and so she asked me where I got my eyeglasses. I told her that we visit our optometrist at least once a year and she has been the one who usually gets my glasses for my son and I. Admittedly, it is a bit expensive than the ones I usually find in optical shops, but I trust our doctor and support her, so it's fine by me.

I informed our helper, though, about finding cheap and affordable eyeglasses online, which was even featured at; if you want to check it out, then do click this link: I am of course talking about Zenni Optical, a site where you can really get affordable prescription eyeglasses since they have eliminated the "middlemen" and instead go directly to their customers. I believe that's really a great idea since this way more and more people will be encouraged to visit their site as well as use their services. My helper is actually thinking of checking them out since her cousin also have the same problem: finding cheaper but quality eyeglasses.

What about you? In need of good quality but affordable eyeglasses? Then do check out as well, and you'll see why they get featured in some sites every now and then! :)

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