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I love having a good time with my family, and it really doesn't matter whether we are in a gorgeous location somewhere, or just here at home. What's important is that we have a wonderful time enjoying each other's company. Though with the current financial situation nowadays, spending time at home becomes more frequent. lol. Of course, we try to find things to do around here, and that's how I thought about Disney Bingo.

As a youngster, I used to play bingo with some friends and we all had a great time; that's why am so sure that with this game from Disney my family and I will have a wonderful time, too! Though, I remember that some friends were sore losers, but in the end we all came to realize that it's just a game and next time they might be the winners! Too bad my bingo friends and I split up when we finished college; each had to follow his or her own dreams but we will always have our bingo days with us. Some of them are now out of the country with their own families while some are still here, but busy with their lives.

It would be great playing bingo again ... and this time with my own family! Want to know where you might be able to get one? Visit and order your Disney Bingo game right now! I know I will ... real soon. :)

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