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A friend once asked me if I enjoy playing online, including those Online Slots. I must admit, they do interest me, but I just am not that "adventurous" enough to actually try betting using real money. Of course, I play other online games, but mostly ones that don't require me to spend anything, except maybe just my time. :)

I do visit some of the sites which gives out reviews and tips for beginners (like me), and have even tried some of the free ones which doesn't require for me to use real money. Usually I just lose, but I really don't mind since I had fun. lol. I don't make it a habit, though, since I just can't seem to find the time to play these past few months. Would love to learn more, and an online friend has been giving me some links, which I really appreciate.

Maybe if I've got more time I will try to be more serious with the games available online. Of course, there is still the concern when it comes to the budget, so before I embark into something as serious as this I need to consult my partner, lol. For now, what I have been doing is gathering tips and reading the reviews about different sites: in other words, researching. I believe that that's a good start! :)

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