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Humble Garden Building

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When I was younger we used to have a garden in a lot next to our house. The lot was previously owned by my parent's friend, but since they inherited a house from a relative, they decided to sell it to my mom and dad. My parents gladly bought it, and at first my mom transformed it to a vegetable garden. It was quite large just to plant vegetables on it, so eventually trees were planted and even a duck pond was added at one point! It would have been nice if garden buildings were available in our place (I would love the Cube design that they are offering ...) since I know that my mom would have been interested! Most probably she'd want to have her own design and it's a good thing that can offer that too! Having a building at that lot would have been nicer.

Well, we did place a sort of a building on that lot, but it wasn't much, really. All it did was protect us from the harsh afternoon sun, and that was all. Still, we loved staying there, specially if we want to just laze around, do nothing, and enjoy the occasional breeze. There were even days when most of my siblings and I would go there directly after we've had our lunch (or breakfast), and spend quiet moments together. I really can't explain enough how important that small garden building was to us; eventually it had to be taken down since it wasn't that stable anymore. I never know why, but my mom and dad never had it replaced. That space stayed empty for some time, before my parents decided to have a apartments built on that lot. Quite a logical decision, really, specially during these hard times. I just miss all that space and the wonderful moments we had on that lot, though. :)

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