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Am voting for Rachel! :)

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Am sure most of you know Rachel of Heart of Rachel. :)

She has been nominated at the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards for Blogger's Choice Award and I do believe that she deserves it! Her blog is a testimony to how she views life and her love for her family. I really love the little tidbits she shares every so often about her son Yohan and the pictures that she shares with her posts. She's one modern mom with just the right touch of traditional values inside, something which seems to be lost (or gone awry, lol) in this super internet-paced world we live in! :)

You're already a winner in my opinion, Rach! :)

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Heart of Rachel at: Tue Sep 23, 03:43:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Thank you very much Maiylah for your support. I really appreciate your kind words.

I didn't win in the PBA but I feel like a winner because of friends like you.

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