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The first known earliest shoes were said to have been found in Oregon, USA in 1938. But since shoes those days were mostly made of leather, there is a possibility that shoes may have been around for longer periods. Am not too sure, but I have a hunch that shoes those days were not really meant for comfort, but used more for it's practicality (like during snow).

It's great to know that shoes have evolved through the years and there are even scientific applications to it's designs so that it won't just do what it's supposed to do, like in today's School Shoes, but also provide comfort as well as be stylish.

Getting shoes for kids is sort of a tricky business, for me. Know why? Because they grow so fast and you have to be aware when you need to buy them new shoes again. When my son was younger I used to buy shoes for him that was one size bigger since I know that after about six months he'd be needing new shoes again. He was so much into running and jumping that I decided finding a good pair of children's trainers for him would be more practical.

I found an online store which offers high quality shoes for kids, which includes some very practical advices for parents when it comes to choosing their kids' shoes; the site,, has been in existence since 1792, and are now located in ten countries. The collection of shoes that they have is impressive and I'm sure that once my son sees the available designs he'd want one for himself!

Who knows ... when he needs a new pair (again) we just might get one from! :)

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