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Ever since I was young my mother have always encouraged us to try cooking and be interested in cooking. I certainly had no qualms with that, since I love cooking and eating. lol. She herself enrolled in some cooking classes just so she'd know firsthand how the proper techniques are executed, but she never was that strict with us. In fact, she wanted us to just be ourself while in the kitchen. That certainly got me looking at cook books and different kitchen wares, including those enclume pot racks which I see in televisions and other cooking magazines. I've always wanted to have one of those enclume potracks for my mom's kitchen! It looks so homey and stylish at the same time. Good way to dry off those pans, too!

Now that I have my own house, my love for those enclume pot rack is something that's still around. I don't have that much pots around, but it sure looks like a convenient way to store them!

Dreaming ..... :)

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