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Earlier this week I received a tag which had lots of questions about myself, and one of the questions was if I plan to drive this year. I thought it was a weird question, but if you're a teenager and eager to get your driving license, then it must have been a perfect question. I'm no longer a teenager, though, and I definitely don't plan to drive any car in this city! lol. I did drive when I was younger, but not in this city; sometimes the drivers are just so reckless it makes me nervous. Besides, it has been so long since I have driven, that am no longer that confident when it comes to doing that task.

However, hubby loves driving, and am sure he knows what a power steering rack means. For now I am content with just being the passenger, and when I do feel like driving the car myself, well ... I will take the plunge when the time comes. :)

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