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I remember, my former boss had this pool table in his house and whenever my officemates and I decide to drop by his house (he used to invite us every now and then since he loved playing pool and wanted us to learn), we'd have a fun time trying out the basics. I believe he got the pool table when his second son was born, and since then that pool table has been kind of busy. His wife, too, enjoyed the sport. Quite a family, don't you think so?

He has been telling me that he needs new pool cues and so have been trying to find them at the malls. Sometimes, though, he's not satisfied with the brand that he's found, and that's why I told him to try visiting, where he is bound to find the one that he really wants. He is quite picky with his supplies, and am sure he takes care of them so well. But after some time, they are bound to break or the performance lessens.

Am not so sure if he has had the time to check out the site because it has just been a few days since I told him. It would be great going back there again and play pool with him and his family! Of course, I don't play the game quite well, but that's fine by me. I love the company more than the game. :)

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