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Printer and Ink Thoughts ...

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We've had our HP printer for years now, and it looks like it's going to need a replacement, soon. Oh, the trouble started when a paper got stuck in it, then the ink started acting funny. Then it refused to print, telling us that the "black ink" needed replacement, when in fact we just bought a new one less than a week ago! Now we're printing without the black ink, and sometimes it's fine, but most of the time I'd rather have the black color there. We went to the mall to find some discount savings on Hewlett Packard Laserjets, and we found quite a few. We're just not sure which to choose, yet. We are actually still in the process of looking for that printer which will be suitable for us. We don't really need the complicated ones, since we'll be using it to print mostly documents and stuffs. It would be great if it has a scanner, though.

Another thing that I know we must consider should be the ink. Finding good quality inkjet refills is a must. I think I've seen more than one in the malls, and that's really great. Of course, you can find them online, too, like at They not only have discount coupons but also tips on how you can save ink!

Now am off to see what I can do with our current printer ... maybe have it fixed? Or just buy a new one? ;)

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