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Photography Bug

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Ever since I got to shoot some pictures using my sister's camera I have been hooked on photography. It wasn't even the digital age, then. Then when the first digital cameras arrived they were so expensive I never imagined I'd have the additional money to get one for myself! So, it took some time before I finally decided that I wanted one. Of course, I had to surf the internet and search for the one that I know I would need. It wasn't really easy, since the one that I wanted was quite expensive. What made it enticing, though, was the free shipping and outlet center discounts on electronics products which I found on some stores. I still continued to do my research and also visited electronic sites like Best Buy as well as Circuit City. It helped that I had a friend who was staying near those stores, so she helped me with the actual buying. I was really so excited when I finally got the camera (she shipped it to me); I could hardly contain myself, so I hurried with my chores and when everything was done I got to practicing.

After trying it out I wasn't disappointed! In fact, I marveled at the wonderful colors as well as the fact that you can see the picture right away! Definitely a plus factor, when it comes to digital cameras. Now, am on my fourth digital camera, and still loving it!

Hubby has caught the photography bug, too, and wants to get buy his own camera. He recently peeked through Ritz Camera and was delighted to have found some discount coupons. I'm sure he'll get his own camera soon! :)

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