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These days I have been feeling so lazy lately ... don't know why. Maybe it's because am just feeling so tired these past few days. Have managed to update the blog every so often, but not really 100% in the mood. I hope I'm not going to have the flu, or something! What with the increasing prices of commodities these days ... nobody can afford to get sick anymore!

I guess it's about time I get a healthier lifestyle! LOL.

2 shared thoughts:

sasha at: Wed Jul 02, 08:02:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Same here, sis. If it weren't for the sps, baka di ako nago-online. I hardly stay online nga eh. Finish the sps lang tapos offline na. Ewan ko ba. I think it's in the air hehe...

Happy Wednesday, sis! :)

maiylah at: Wed Jul 02, 08:06:00 AM GMT+8 said...

baka nga it's in the air, sis ... minsan parang pinipilit ko na rin lang mag-online kasi kelangan. hahaha. guess we all need a change of scenery! ;P

happy wednesday din, sis! :)

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