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Digital Camera Thoughts

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I love taking pictures, even during those days when digital cameras were not yet the "norm". Most of the time I got disappointed with the results, though, but still I tried to do my best. Well, the cameras that I used were the point and shoot type, so I actually had no way to adjust whatever settings I wanted to change. My father had his own camera (wherein you can adjust some of the settings), but I rarely used it since they were using it themselves. It's a good thing that digital cameras are now readily available!

If you want to know the best digital camera for you, then it's important that you have an idea what and how you plan to use it. Like, if you are a frequent traveler, then you may want to know the best travel digital camera that's being recommended by some consumers. Or if you are concerned about how big or heavy the camera is, then you might opt to choose the best ultra compact digital camera available on the market today.

Personally, I like to be able to change some of the settings myself, so I would prefer a digital single lens reflex camera. However, they do need a bit of a learning curve to handle, so newbies might not be so enthusiastic. Whatever your personal decision, it is important that you know how you want to use your camera, so that your expectations will be met and you won't be disappointed when the camera is already in your hands.

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