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Chance to learn a game ...

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Even during college days I have always been fascinated by billiards. The university had a gaming room (which was actually located at the basement in one of the buildings; where students can rent out the equipments needed to play different games available, like billiards, chess, and table tennis) and my friends and I used to frequent the place. Too bad none of us knew how to play billiards, so we were there mostly to play table tennis. I saw some familiar faces playing billiards, though, and used to watch them play and have fun. How I wished I had the guts to play with them that time!

Billiards is one of the favorite sports played around the world and I'm proud to say that we even have some of the best players around! Champions, I mean. My former boss even had a pool table in his house, but some of his billiard supplies need updating, though. I mean some were really worn out because his family loved playing the game and so you can just imagine the condition of the table (as well as the pool cues) after two years of constant use! It's a good thing finding them online over at is easy; and they even have an ongoing clearance sale, too!

Now, if only I'd have the chance to learn how to play billiards in the near future ... :)

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