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Wish those dust away ....

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As a stay at home mom, I guess most people expect that I clean the house daily, do the laundry, and of course, cook. Sad to say, I am not really your typical housewife. Sure, stay at home and clean whenever I can, but that's just about it. I really do admire those women who can manage the household chores as well as take care of the little kids. When my son was younger, we were fortunate to be having a helper around the house, but when we moved to the city our helper had to leave because of family reasons (her ailing mom needed her at home). That meant that I was left to do the household chores, which wasn't really a very pleasant thought. So now the house is as dusty as ever, though I do wipe the dust off every now and then. I just wish I have one of those Dirt Devil to help me with the job! Am sure cleaning would be a breeze, and it even uses less energy than other vacuum cleaners, earning for itself an Energy Star !
Now if I only have one of those, huh?! Am sure if you're anything like me you'd wish you have one of those, too! Together, let's ask our fairy godmothers for one! :)
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