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I know somebody who would love to have this amazing and trendy new strider stroller: myself! lol. I just like the description that I read about this product, since it seems to answer most of the things that a mom would want in a stroller: flexibility, lightness, compact design, reversible handles (so that you can look at baby, too) and the option to add a car seat adaptor! This latest offer from Mutsy would certainly be a good thing for moms with young tots out there!
I used to own a stroller when my son was small, but I never did get to use it much since it was so bulky. I guess I'd rather carry my son (or let hubby do the carrying) everytime we go out, rather than bring another bulky "thing" with us! But now that there's this trendy and sohphisticated stroller available, I'm sure I'd want to try it out! For those who'd love to buy one, just use the discount code mutsy10off and you'll get 10% off! So cool! :)
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