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Have you ever tried playing online poker? I haven't, but I know a friend who enjoys playing poker online. Actually, he was the one who introduced me to the idea, when I asked him about online games. He says that he has been making a profit out of it, but not that much, since he still considers himself a newbie in that area. However, he can't help but be encouraged every time he makes money!

He told me about, a site where you can get Full Tilt Poker referral code as well as Full Tilt Bonus. Not only that, you can get Poker Stars Bonus Code at that site, too! Definitely a great way to keep you motivated in playing the game. Of course, their site also features some tips on how to get started (for beginners) and they have also recommended some sites that you should visit if you want to learn more about the game. Wonderful resource site for newbies like me. :)

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