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If you work for a big company, then chances are you are familiar with corporate gifts . My husband is currently employed in a multi-national company, and since he is also a part of their sales force unit, he sometimes has to ask around looking for good deals when they do decide to give corporate gifts to their clients. Some clients sort of "demand" what they want, though, so most of the time they have to be ready. At times it can be quite expensive (like maybe free airline tickets going abroad or locally), and am not so sure what they tell their clients if it's not possible. Of course, the client can demand, as long as it's feasible. :)

There are some sites that offer corporate gifts and one of them is They not only offer corporate gifts, but also personalized gift items, wine gift baskets, and one of their best sellers, the Golden Gourmet Gift Basket. It's really quite an interesting site where you can send gifts with a personal touch.

So, if you ever need to give that special someone a gift basket, go visit!

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