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Finding "The One"

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I think it's universal that most people would rather live with another person (or persons), rather than live alone. There are some exceptions, of course (like the hermits), who really prefer living away from most communities, but they are quite few. Most people would rather live within a community since it has it's perks, too. I mean, there are all the malls and other worldly comforts; there are churches, schools, and hospitals, filled with people having the same need to communicate with others, like you (and me). Definitely a great place to make friends!

However, not everyone is quite comfortable with the thought of meeting others or learning how to make new friends, specially if you're the shy type. Some would get sweaty and instead of saying things normally, would end up stuttering! That's normal for some people, of course. It's a good thing there are online sites where you can meet other same-minded individuals, like Perfect Match, Friend Finder, and Yahoo Personals; with their immense database, you're more likely to meet more individuals than you possibly can in one day! But don't let that thought intimidate you. Since somewhere out there is that perfect "one" for you, if you haven't found him (or her), yet! :)

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