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It's almost that time of year again: Father's Day! My family and I normally don't splurge much since hubby says that it's not necessary, but I would love to be able to surprise him this time. That means looking for some great discount deals for personalized Father's Day gifts!

I've got loads of ideas to choose from, and I think that since he loves drinking his coffee so much every day, I'd give him some of that! Of course, that's just one of the choices since I know he's been wanting to get those pair of shoes which we found at the mall two weeks ago. It's quite expensive, but am sure it's going to be very much worth it! :)

As for me and my camera, I am trying to find some good lenses to go with the kit that I got two months ago. I am not that particularly satisfied with the lens that went with the kit, but it's definitely better than nothing! I would love to be getting myself a pair of telephoto as well as a macro lens!

Dreaming, but I know that these are all possible ... one of these days. I just have to think positive and I know that hubby's Father's Day celebration will be one of those days that he'll never forget! :)

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