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Credit SHOULD Be Given Where Credit is Due

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Like what I said in my other blog, I love taking pictures. I just don't like it when others use them (and even crop or do some changes!!) without my permission. So far I have seen two blogs use the shot; the first blogger has acknowledged my ownership ...

I would love to be sharing my shots, but I want credit to be given where credit is due. I could go on and on about this (legal stuffs, property rights, etcetera), but I just want to point out that I respect other person's properties (both online and offline), so I was expecting others to do the same thing.

Anyway, here's the shot: (it's not really amazing, so wondering why it was copied...)
As you can see, the original shot has been cropped (took out my mark).
my coconut shot
Not trying to pick a fight here (in fact, I wasn't even the one who started this, the copying-someone-else's-picture-without-the-owner's-permission thingy, and being asked if I was really the owner! ha.). I just hope that everyone understands my predicament, and why I am posting this. Somehow I was just ticked off when the ownership concern was raised. It was normal to be asking if I really owned the shot, sure, but what really got to me was when she said that she wasn't going to change her Wordless Wednesday post just so "YOU WOULD BE HAPPY".

Oh. My. Goodness. I wasn't trying to make myself happy. I just wanted credit for my picture! I certainly did not ask her to copy my shot, in the first place! What saddens me, is that she seems to be a Pinay, too, like me.

Oh well. Hard Lesson learned, for me. Friendly reminder for everyone who loves taking pictures and don't want their pictures to be used without their permission:

There are other ways, but that's the easiest, I guess. :)

23 shared thoughts:

anil saklani at: Fri Jun 27, 04:32:00 AM GMT+8 said...

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maiylah at: Fri Jun 27, 05:06:00 AM GMT+8 said...

thanks for the interest, deekay. I thought you were cheering me on about the photo ownership issue. lol. ;P

will check out your site in a bit.

Emila Yusof at: Fri Jun 27, 10:40:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Maiylah! I saw it too! The person has visited my main blog and left a comment in my chatbox. I followed the link and landed on her blog and then I saw your picture! I remember it because I like the shot very much! How can she be so rude to you when she was the one who's stealing your picture! It's unethical of her! I am so angry for you!

I am considering to put the watermarks! Thanks Maiylah for the tips!

maiylah at: Fri Jun 27, 11:09:00 AM GMT+8 said...

thanks, Emila!
it's a painful experience for me (i know you'd understand how THAT would feel; for "non-photo hobbyists" copying another's shot might seem trivial, but for us, it's NOT) ... and I wouldn't want you to experience the same thing! Or other photographers (professional, or not) out there...
painful lesson learned. lol.

thanks for the support! really appreciate it! :)

Shiela at: Fri Jun 27, 01:42:00 PM GMT+8 said...

For your information. I did not crop the picture. As I told you I did not even know where I get that one. So now I know that's yours and you don't like your picture to be posted around. I delete ko na lang.


For you Emilia...don't judge me, as you don't know me!!!

maiylah at: Fri Jun 27, 01:52:00 PM GMT+8 said...

@ shiela:
honestly, am not happy. i don't want to create a fight. i love blogging and don't want enemies; either online, or offline.
if only those harsh words/comments weren't written ... but it's all done now.
please don't pick a fight with emila; she was just being supportive, since i believe she understood what i felt.
let's get on with our blogging, shall we?
thank you for deleting my shot if you don't want to link it to my original post. appreciate the gesture.

Anonymous at: Fri Jun 27, 01:59:00 PM GMT+8 said...

I agree with you on this Maiylah. Btw, your shots were good!

Emila Yusof at: Fri Jun 27, 04:25:00 PM GMT+8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emila Yusof at: Fri Jun 27, 05:01:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Sheila, I'm sorry if I judged you. A picture can lead you to a law suit and you're lucky that Maiylah is not the kind to sue.

One way to check where you found the picture is to check your browser history.

I also don't want to pick a fight, so cheers everybody!

photo stock at: Fri Jun 27, 05:29:00 PM GMT+8 said...

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maiylah at: Fri Jun 27, 05:35:00 PM GMT+8 said...

@ photo stock:
thanks for the site, but it's not for me. i can supply my own pictures ... ;P

@ emila:
thanks dear ... we certainly wouldn't want any fighting around here (or anywhere else, for that matter). i really do appreciate it!

What's done is done, so lets just move on ... :)

maiylah at: Fri Jun 27, 05:46:00 PM GMT+8 said...

many thanks for dropping by, too, mbl! :)

happy weekend!

ju at: Fri Jun 27, 08:29:00 PM GMT+8 said...

It is really important to give credits.

kahit saan man napulot ang mga bagay-bagay na di naman galing mismo sa atin. ito rin ay pagbibigay respeto at pagpapasalamat.

may plugin ako ng watermarks pero di ko pa nagamit. email ko sa iyo

Ana at: Fri Jun 27, 08:59:00 PM GMT+8 said...

I can understand that contacting the owner in some cases is difficult (well, at your site I found it directly) but I usually do link to the site where I took the picture from. This is the least I can do when using other pictures.

strawberrygUrl at: Fri Jun 27, 09:25:00 PM GMT+8 said...

got here from EC. i love taking photos too and i mean a lot :)

i don't like the effect of watermarks on photos as it 'ruins' the whole image but i agree on its benefits.

ako naman i had photos published in a canadian magazine and didn't get credit for it. sad, huh :( i didn't get apologies from the writer either :( *sigh*

maiylah at: Fri Jun 27, 09:58:00 PM GMT+8 said...

@ ju:
got the email, thanks!
agree talaga ako dyan! :)

@ ana:
thanks for the comment! :)

@ strawberrygurl:
me, too .. i don't like the effect, actually, but after this experience ... watermarking sounds real good to me right now! lol. ;P
so sorry you didn't get credit for your shot; too bad things like that still keep happening, huh?!
thanks for the visit!

eastcoastlife at: Fri Jun 27, 11:39:00 PM GMT+8 said...

I like the photo of the coconuts, it's well taken. Poor maiylah.

A blogger friend alerted me to the photo of MYSELF on another My Blog Log member's profile! It was changed into black and white. Stolen and used as her own photo on MBL! I told her to take it down, she totally ignored me!

I don't know how to put a watermark on my photos but quite a number have been taken. :(

Heart of Rachel at: Sat Jun 28, 12:15:00 AM GMT+8 said...

I understand how you feel. That photo is your property and it's disappointing when other people don't respect your rights.

Mrs. Mecomber at: Sat Jun 28, 08:41:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Maiylah, I have gotten that same comment from deekay on all my blogs. He's spam. FYI

Thanks for the good post about watermarking. It's been in the back of my mind for a while... I finally decided to go back to Flickr and add watermarks. I have 1300 photos to do! lol!

All the best. :)

Strider at: Sat Jun 28, 10:38:00 AM GMT+8 said...

Thanks for the advise. I have also started putting water marks on my posted photos too.

Jenaisle at: Sat Jun 28, 03:05:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Hello Maiylah, can I have your permission to use that coconut photo? I have an article in mind for it. Thanks.

maiylah at: Sat Jun 28, 03:21:00 PM GMT+8 said...

@ ECL:
some people are really quite callous when it comes to property rights, aren't they? or maybe it's because of ignorance? ;P

thanks, ECL!
better start learning how to put watermark on your shots! :)

@ Rachel:
thanks, Rach! :)

@ Mrs. Mecomber:
i had a feeling it was spam...
yes, it's always a good idea to watermark our shots, and since you take great shots you shouldn't wait before something similar happens to you! :)
thanks for dropping by!

@ strider:
that's a good decision, strider! :)
thanks for the visit!

@ Jenaisle:
thank you for asking permission before using my shot, Jena! really appreciate it. :)
sure, you can use it. just link it back to the original post, please, which is right here.
hoping to read your article about it, soon! :)

thank you for dropping by! :)

Madz at: Tue Dec 21, 12:19:00 PM GMT+8 said...

Grabe talaga, was it resolved? Ngayon ko lang to nabasa eh. Mahirap kasi pag nasa gilid banda lang yung watermark, super dali i crop.

Kaya ako nasa gitna. hehe. :)

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