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Cousin's Planned Trip

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Summer is almost over for most of us here, but there are still places around the world who still have to experience summer this year. I wish summer's still here, but time doesn't stop for anyone (or anything), so I hope that anyone who's got the time and resources to go on a vacation one of these days do try their best to try and take some time off for themselves.

There are different places to go to this summer, and one of them would be Florida. I know a cousin would love to visit the place, but since she's quite far from there, she needs to rent a car in tampa, if she do decides to choose that place for her vacation. It's been almost two years since she's been on a holiday from work (she did tell me she loves her work, almost a year ago), and now it's her boss who's telling her to go out and have some fun while she's still young! I know some would gladly jump at the chance, but I believe she's quite hesitant since I know she'd rather spend her off-time with her aging mom. Her brothers and sisters already have families of their own and live quite far from them, so visits are rare.

Whatever her decision, I know she'll still have the time of her life, and I hope that she can get her mom to go with her, too! :)

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