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Since we're already halfway through our summer vacation, am so sure that some moms (and dads) out there are already starting to prepare for their child's (or children's) schooling. We are one of those, actually. In fact, this week we are going to enroll our son in his former school (he loves it there!) and one mom has already sent me a text message earlier today telling me which section his son has been assigned for the coming school year (her son and mine are great buddies). I hope they will still be together in the same section. :)

It's a good thing there are daily, weekly and online booking coupon deals where we can save some money! I mean, the money saved would certainly help with the tuition and miscellaneous school fees (and the school have increased their fees; but I can't blame them, really).

I usually check out great deals online (and even offline), specially if we want to buy something for ourselves; and that would include a laptop for me (which would be great as a Mother's Day gift! lol), or new clothing for our son (they don't have a uniform, so we need to buy him school clothes every now and then); while hubby would be thrilled to get good deals on some of the books he's been surfing lately to add to his collection.

Some of these are just wishful thinking, though, but who knows, huh?! I mean, a generous fairy godmother just might pass by and grant us all our wishes! :)

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