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Those were the days ...

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When I was younger, I loved staying in our kitchen. Not because of the food only (but of course, that was part of it), but also because somebody seems to be almost always there all the time. People at my family's house seems to be cooking something every now and then. Sometimes even during late nights; and I'd just sit on one of our counter stools and see what was cooking. Our mother also encouraged us to experiment with our cooking, as well as prodded us to do some baking every once in a while. I never did get to enjoy baking much, but still my sisters and I learned how to cook cookies and cakes. Such delicious times! Now the thought is making me hungry! :)

We did get to learn how to cook, but I must admit my favorite ones to make were the viands, and not the baking part of it. I learned how to cook different meals (though I must say we didn't actually follow the recipe since sometimes we won't have the ingredients; we usually just follow our taste buds and see which ingredient could be substituted for it), while my sister learned how to bake different cakes and pastry products. I guess she had the sweet tooth, while at that time I definitely preferred sour (or maybe even salty) foods! Opposites, you might say. :)

That's why whenever I see kitchen bar stools being sold in the malls, or online, I always remember those days and what fun and lovely memories I had while lingering in the kitchen. My present day kitchen is quite small compared to the kitchen in my parent's house, but still I think it would be awesome if I find some great discount bar stools. I know I'd find some over at since they carry one of the most extensive bar stool designs online. So am heading there right now! :)

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