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I love gardening and taking care of plants. I even had a garden in two of our previous houses, and I just loved it! Having a plant inside the house is great, too. Well, for me anyway. Seeing the plant inside the house just somehow makes me feel more calm. Now I know why my mom and my aunt put some of their plants inside the house. :)

But that's not possible for some people, though. I know a friend who's sensitive to almost anything and after a sniff at some unusual smell you should expect her to be ready with her inhaler! So I know having silk plants inside her house would most probably be her only option. Aside from that, maintenance is so low, and I know she'd also appreciate that since she's almost always out of the house. Low maintenance and allergy-free, what more could she ask for? Of course, it would also make her house look good, too. I'll be telling her to check out!

The apartment where my family and I are living in right now is really pretty small and would not be able to support the garden that I like. So having silk plants would be great for us, too! Aside from that, maintenance would never be an issue. Now I just have to browse the site and see which plant model would be more suitable for our space! :)

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