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I don't know about you, but I love plants. I know my mother does, too, since we used to modify her garden a few years back every so often. As a little kid, then, I used to think of it as a dreadful chore, bringing her garden planters from one corner to another, or else taking out those indoor planters after a couple of days, or so. I never really imagined those plants to be nothing more than a nuisance, but now I know better! Moving those planters around not only helped changed the scenery, but also helped the plants grow stronger. By moving them around, we gave them the benefit of getting the proper amount of sunlight every now and then.

Right now, I would love to be having my own garden, but that's just not possible because of space (yeah, we have too little of it). However, I would love to have some outdoor planters, as well as some window box planters. I do have some plants around me, but I can't say they are placed in high end planters, though. When I bought those plants they already came with those decorative planters which I must admit nudged me a little into buying them. :)

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