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I know some girl friends who love online shopping, and sometimes they'd even prefer to buy their clothes online rather than go to the mall. I guess it's because of the different designs and options that's available. I, for one, would choose eco-fashion, something that's not readily available in all of the shops here; it's a good thing internet has one of those!

Know where you can get a link to different clothes in just one site? At, of course! What's neat about their site is that they feature any sites that's relevant to your search, whether they get paid for it, or not. Definitely a great site if you want to find something online, like casual dresses for summer. Of course, they have other listed products too (like electronics), but I happened to be surfing for women's clothing today, and that's how I found out that they offer different brands and styles. Cool, huh?! :)

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