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New Car!

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Wouldn't it be great if you get the car that you really like, and it's brand new? Wow, that would really be a dream come true for my family and I. Sure, we have a car right now, but since it's actually a company car (though it's on the company's car-to-own program), that means that if hubby gets transferred to another company location, the vehicle goes with him. Of course, within a year the car will be ours, but there will be a time when we wouldn't have a vehicle in the house since hubby will be transferred to another job location soon. We actually have an option of going with him, but since we've adjusted to the place here already (and our son's loving his school), we've decided that my son and I will be staying here while hubby will just have to come home maybe every two weeks or so.

So right now we're trying to look for a car of our own, and if you're looking too, then do check out The Cadillac is one of the car brands that's in it for quality (as well as luxury, among others) and so if you decide to get one of your own, then they are the site to visit. You can find them over at New Cadillacs Harrisburg PA, and if you are quite near Harrisburg, then you're lucky! :)

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