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Having moved three times from one place to another, I guess I can say that I know what it feels to be packing your things, having them transported to your new place, and then unpacking them again. It's really not a fun chore, but something that should be done.

Well, it helped us unload some of our stuffs, too, to be given to charity (like some old clothes and toys); we even left some of our furniture in some of the houses since we know that we wouldn't be needing them. With the home owner's permission, of course. They were glad they had additional furniture for their house.

It's important that once you decide to move, you get a very reliable mover, like the Toronto Movers. Am just sad that we're quite far from them, since they'd have done much better than the one that we got the last time! It wasn't really that terrible, but there were some mishaps that wouldn't have occurred if we've gotten a much better (though most probably more expensive), mover company. But now that I know, I believe that choosing the best possible movers for you and your things is more important than the amount since that way you will encounter less stress.

Some things to look for in a good mover are the following:
  • They should be reliable.
  • They must know how to arrange your things in the truck so that your plants won't get crushed, or your boxes don't get squashed.
  • They must have a fully equipped furniture van.
  • Their service crew should be professionals and fully qualified.
I know these are just some of the things to consider while you are moving your things, but believe me, anything less than this and you know that your moving day could turn out to be a disaster! So don't gamble, do what you know is the right thing to do!

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