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Get into the Dockers Contest!

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I think contests are interesting, like the one being made by Dockers. They have this Dockers contest wherein you send them your video about their product and if it gets the highest number of votes, then you could be the winner! It's going to be a commercial about Dockers, so this will definitely get your creative juices going! Your winning entry will be shown over at NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this coming June 13th, 2008! Wow, isn't that real cool!!
There have already been a number of videos being posted at the site and so far I have found some to be really funny, witty, and some quite really good! I must admit, I enjoyed watching most of them! I guess if I was one of the judges I'd have a hard time choosing which video to pick as the winner. :)

So what about it, folks?! Am sure there are lots of geniuses out there that could do this commercial! Why not try it out for yourself and you'll never know, you might be the winner! You don't need to pay anything to enter the contest (that's one of the best parts!); just submit your entry to the Dockers contest and that's it!

Lots of luck to all the participants!
Sponsored by Dockers

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