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Frugal Living and Making Money Goes Hand in Hand

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I'm sure we'd all love to be able to generate funds to augment our current finances; well, I know I would! I'm a SAHM and being able to help with the finances is already a big deal for me. It might not match (or even half! lol) my hubby's current salary, but it makes me feel good that we'll have something to fall back on, even if it's not that big. That's why sites like SocialSpark interests me since it's another way to increase my so-called earnings! :)

I have visited the site and seen some familiar bloggers who are already with the system, like The Mom With Brownies. I like her posts since they are mostly about home issues and how we can save. I always admire people who knows how to actually live a great life without spending too much! I believe that that's not only good for us, but also for the environment. I have actually been to her site a couple of times and she never fails to amaze me. Oh, this post is sponsored by Social Spark, but believe me, I would still have visited her site! Yeah, I drop by often there, but sometimes don't leave comments; maybe it's about time I did, huh? :)

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