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Feminized Cannabis seeds

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I am not that familiar with Cannabis (though I have read something about them), but I do know that in some parts of the world they are recognized as medicinal. I read somewhere that they are even used by tribal people in some rituals to attain a certain level of consciousness.

Some people who have the permit to sell them will be interested in the recent development regarding Feminized Seeds; this way you will have greater return because of the expected high yield. If you're interested, you can visit the site and order from there. Or if you want to use your native language (German and French), then try Feminisierte Samen as well as Graines Féminisées, respectively.

I read in a magazine somewhere that there are different varieties of this plant and have even seen some pictures. I think they look quite beautiful, really. Specially the ones with amazing blue-like tinge on their leaves. :)

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