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Don't Hesitate!

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Sometimes we might not accept it (or even actually consider thinking about it), but a loved one could be dealing with something similar to Substance Abuse. It's a reality, but something that we hope wouldn't happen to someone that we love (or to ourselves). It's like being sick with something that you previously thought you wouldn't get, like cancer. Specially if you know you've been taking care of yourself quite well: good eating habits, healthy lifestyle, and the usual jogging in the morning. It just happens. It's a good thing that there are people that can help you deal with similar situations.

Some people, though, might not be able to help themselves so it's a good idea to help them. They might not want to be helped, at first (thinking that they can overcome it), but it's always a good idea to just be there for them. I believe that if the other person knows that you will always be there, they will have the strength and resolve to get well.

Once they do decide to get help, it's still important that we be by their side. I know a friend who was suffering from substance abuse, but his family just let him be. Maybe they weren't aware what was actually happening, or they just wouldn't accept it. Eventually, though, with the help of some church people, he recovered. His family was by his side by then, and he confided in me later on that that meant a great deal to him.

If you have a friend who needs help, don't hesitate! You could be his only lifeline ...

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