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There have certainly been days when I just sat in front of the computer and do nothing but browse through different sites and blogs. I love learning new things, and that does include gaming. Am not an expert on that, though (but my nephew seems to be!), but I enjoy the different games being offered online, including online casinos. Now, don't get me wrong: I know some people don't enjoy playing online casino, but believe me, some people do!

An online friend has been telling me about Spin Palace Casino a few days ago and he has encouraged me to visit the site (which I did). It's a site where you can find different games, and am sure if you're an online casino gamer you'd be familiar with them all. They have different games from the classic ones to the newer slot games, so you can just take your pick! Cool, huh?! Personally, I haven't tried betting real money online since I just don't have the budget for that yet. Maybe when things get less tighter, I will. :)

A word of advice for those who are addicted to online casinos: discipline. That's what my friend told me the very first time I asked him about online casinos. If you know that it doesn't seem to be your day, and you're losing more than your budget, then you have to stop. That's the most important advice he has given me!

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