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I know that cannabis is perfectly legal in some areas, and that they are used as a medicine. The first time I was told that they were legal, I was really doubtful. I believe that when used properly they are really an advantage; I just wish that people wouldn't abuse them, though.

If you need the plant and want to invest in them (and it's legal in your place), then you can get hold of pure and different strains of cannabis seeds over at If you prefer using your native language, like German, then try clicking on hanfsamen; while if you're more comfortable with French, then visit graine de cannabis. Since their seeds are pure and feminized, you can be sure that you will get a much higher yield, and hence have higher sales. Quite logical, really.

They also actually have seven languages available at their site, for their client's convenience; so ordering is so easy and convenient, using their native language.

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