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I am the jeans and tee shirt type of person, so for me hanging around with my comfortable pair of clothes is like I'm at home all the time. Even while I was in college, I usually wore just jeans and the tee shirt whenever our subjects (like the field subjects) doesn't require us to wear uniforms. In fact, I remember I had a pair of jeans that lasted for almost five years with me! I guess that's cool since that meant I hadn't really grown that fat over the years, lol. I had to stop wearing the jeans since they were all tattered and patched up so much it couldn't take the additional stress anymore. Obviously, it was my favorite pair.
What about you? Do you have a favorite pair of pants, too? Dockers pants is hosting a contest right now, and if you feel like you want to show the world what a day would be like with you and your favorite pair of pants, then why don't you submit your video? No need to pay for anything to enter the Dockers contest! As long as you send your video and you will garner lots of votes, then there's a big chance that you will be picked as the overall winner! Isn't that just cool?

So why not head on over at the Dockers site and check out their Dockers contest now! Am so sure those who's got video cameras and own a favorite pair of Dockers pants would love to jump at the chance to be a celebrity! The winning video will be aired over national television! Now how cool can you get! :)

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