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Cute Stuffs for Baby

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When my sister delivered a cute baby girl, she wasn't really that prepared since they weren't expecting her getting pregnant so soon. So when they found out during the late stages of her pregnancy, they started buying some baby stuffs, including Baby Bedding. I couldn't accompany them to buy some baby stuffs since I was living far away then. All I could do was send over some of my son's stuffs (like the bottle sterilizer and some baby clothes) that he was no longer using. He was already four years old by then. We were pretty excited for her! Am sure anybody would be excited with the addition of a new member to the family! :)

Since buying online then wasn't that available, we had to go to the mall and find the stuffs. That needs time, and since my sister was working, we can only go visit the mall during weekends. It's a good thing there are now online stores like where you can shop any time of the day! So convenient, really. No more waiting for the weekend, and the best part: no more long lines and waiting to pay for the products! We're pretty lucky to be living during these times! :)

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